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  1. Did you spot us?

    November 9, 2011 by admin

    Did you spot us in The Advertiser? If not, here we are again:

  2. The tale of two parts…

    October 25, 2011 by admin

    We had been made aware of a shop in Sale that had small sections split up for independent businesses,  we went to have a look round and see if we could get an area to sell our cakes.  It wasn’t looking like our lucky day when the only space available was on the 3rd floor (we knew we’d would climb that many stairs for a cupcake but would everyone else) but never fear, we got a phone call a few days later to say a space had become available downstairs …….we were in !!!  Well in 2 weeks’ time we would be in and then the list of things to do became as daunting as making a batch of Macaroons (have a go at making some if you want to know how we felt).

    After weeks of boring jobs, all uncake related, we spent Friday night making our opening day cupcakes. The 15th October arrived and all we had to do was safely transport the cakes to our beautiful cupcakey at Traders Outlet, 8 very scary miles later we got there.  Phew !!!  No one was more relieved than me – the driver.  I had just dropped Vicky off and had parked the car when I got a phone call “We’ve forgotten the Giant Cupcake”

    Well it wasn’t all going to run smoothly but what’s a cupcakery without a Giant Cupcake – Bloody Rubbish !!!

    And now I’m happy to say that was our only disaster of the day, our love for Sugar Bun Sisters has grown even more….we only hope everyone elses has too.

    Hope I’ve not bored you too much, one things for sure I cook better than I blog !!!

  3. Sugar Bun Sisters have arrived!

    October 19, 2011 by admin

    Having never written a blog before I have been putting this off for weeks but it kept appearing on the Sugar Bun Sisters to-do list with my name next to it and I’m guessing it’s not going to go away so here goes.  This will be the first blog post of two tales, firstly who we are and secondly what we have done so far.

    My sister and I have literally travelled miles for cake, day trips for sticky toffee puddings, weekend teashop road trips and city breaks for Patisseries and Macaroons.  With all this over the years we felt inspired to make cakes we love.  This is where the Sugar Bun Mum comes in, our very own guru of all things baked (stuffed potatoes included).  She’d be the one peering over our shoulders saying ‘Are you sure you should be putting that much in’ and she’s pretty much always right (I hope she doesn’t see I’ve put it in writing).  So with all the research (eating) and experience (more eating) we have under our chef hats we set off to bake cake.  We have lots of friends who are more than happy to eat and who would make impromptu visits when pictures of our latest treats had gone on Facebook.

    Then we got to thinking could we spread some cakey love to people we didn’t know ???

    Well yes…..but we needed a name & almost by accident, whilst listening to The Stone Roses, Sugar Bun Sister were born (after a quick check online to make sure they didn’t already exist).  This was a great way to include another love of ours – Music, especially the manc variety, so along with a company name we had our first cupcake collection….Everyday is like Sundae, Morning Gloreo, Twisting my Lemons, Liam Frosting, Fools Gold and Red Velvet Underground.  All we had to do was make them !!  Easy Peasy!!  Until the 35 yr old food mixer decided it didn’t want to join us and blew up.  I wasn’t there I just received a text late one night from Vicky saying ‘Food mixer died,  mum not happy’, Thank goodness I wasn’t there because it most certainly would have been my fault !!  We got over our sad loss the very next day when we went to Currys and realised the new ones were quicker and quieter.  So we continued to bake and get out ideas out there for people to try but we were struggling to know where to go next and that, Ladies & Gentlemen leads us on very nicely to the 2nd tale……

  4. New Website!

    September 14, 2011 by admin

    The new website will be coming shortly. Please keep checking back for info and photos of the yummy cakes.

    Sugar Bun Sisters